Fraud Policy

1. I am aware that recharge of mobile/DTH/Internet Broadband using fraudulent credit/debit/cash card/netbanking account is a federal crime and a felony punishable by heavy fines and jail time. I declare that every transaction done by me on will be done by my own credit/debit/cash card or netbanking account.

2. I declare that I have not fraudulently acquired the credit/debit/cash card or netbanking account details of another person.

3. I shall not use any fraudulent information to recharge my or my family members or my friend's mobile/DTH/Internet Broadband connection. I am aware that fraudulent behavior shall be prosecuted aggressively by, with a passion to the fullest extent of the law.

4. I declare that all information provided by me matches with my bank account records as provided by the card-issuing bank. I am aware that inputting intentionally false information is fraud and if found guilty I may be subject to prosecution.

Important Notice: The ID and address of your computer and your ISP provider have been determined, and recorded as a safeguard against fraudulent behavior and may be used by or legal entities to prosecute guilty parties. considers fraud a direct and serious threat to its business profitability. We do not take any effort to defraud lightly and will prosecute whenever and wherever possible to the fullest extent of the law.