About Us

121 recharge is a mobile commerce platform that aims to simplify bill payment for consumers. Our website provides prepaid options on mobile, DTH (TV) and Data Card to anyone who has access to the net. 121recharge is the consumer brand of Futuristic Technologies, a software development company based out of Gurgaon, India. 121recharge lets you recharge your mobile, Data card or DTH (TV) connection at any time using your 2G, 3G device or PC connected to the Internet. We strive to come up with affordable price range for all age groups; provide easily approachable assistance on any recharge-related queries or regarding our services and also enhance usability options so that we can make it more comfortable for you to become our regular customers.

We would love to get your opinions to diversify ‘user-friendliness’ of our website and implement the same. Our aim is to become your favorite recharge brand and for this reason, we’ve transformed our commercial outlook day by day. Our homepage is easy to access, recharge and useful to consumers who have busy lives as they can scan through the recharge options in less than a minute to decide upon their preferred plan. However, we make sure to keep our consumers updated on new recharge schemes including discounts and reward points periodically.